Professional Liability Insurance for Health and Medical Professionals

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March 14, 2015
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Professional Liability Insurance for Health and Medical Professionals


easycoverproinsuranceIt is not strange to find a lot of medical professional and healthcare professionals who do not believe that they can be sued by the patients since they are performing their duties to their utmost abilities.  They believe that only those who have accidentally created dangers or injuries to their patients that can get sued.  What they do not understand is that some medical process, rehabilitation process, or healthcare processes have the possibility to harm or injure patients if supervision is not done properly.  In addition to this, they fail to understand that some patients, even for some miniscule reason, will sue you for simply being inconvenienced.

Being sued by patients is something that is very hard to take, especially if you have been doing your practice for many years.  However, these are very litigious times so the best way to protect yourself from such a lawsuit is getting professional liability insurance.  Basically, what this professional liability insurance will do for you is protect your overall financial interest as well as professional interest should you get sued and eventually lose the lawsuit with which the insurance company you are insured with will be the one paying the settlement tab.

Medical and health professionals who are advised to protecting themselves with professional liability insurance are doctors, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, radiologists, fitness instructor, as well as their relevant assistants all should be properly protected with professional liability insurance.

Most issues on medical or health-related lawsuits are malpractice.  Even if you think you are doing what is best for your patient, you can end up getting sued by them.  Of course, there are times that the lawsuits do have substance.  Sadly, there are also times that the lawsuits being made literally have no merit at all.  Even if this is the case, there are times that a professional will lose the case simply because the plaintiff has a very charismatic lawyer who can turn things on their side that will allow them to win the case.  If you do not have professional liability insurance, if you lose a case, you will have to shoulder all the cost of the court trial as well as the settlement as decided by court to appease the plaintiff.

If you are a registered health or medical professional who is practicing in Canada, it is vital that you protect yourself with Professional Liability Insurance so you do not have to worry too much when performing your duties.  If you do not have such coverage, it is likely that you cannot work your best because you are always thinking you might get sued if you do this or that when in fact these are what you think are best for your patient.  Having professional liability insurance allows you to perform your best when you know you are protected and covered for by an insurance company.  This is why you should never hesitate in getting the protection you need to do your job better.

If you are working in the health and medical field that provides services to patients, it does not matter if you will only be working for a year or even a week, it is important that you furnish yourself with professional liability insurance for protection.  Even if the health or medical facility you will be working for already has professional liability insurance, the insurance coverage they have may not fully extend to you.  This is why it is always better to have your own personal professional liability insurance protection coverage in cases where you cannot be protected by the insurance of the facility you are working for.

In case you do not have professional liability insurance yet, it is time that you get one.  You can visit your local insurance broker to see policies they have available.  It is recommended that you see an insurance broker since they are very knowledgeable in almost every aspect of the insurance policies they are selling.  They can provide you with invaluable advice on the types of policies that you may need to get so you can have better coverage in terms of the duties that you do as a health or medical professional.

Another good thing with dealing with insurance brokers is that they do not work for any insurance company but are instead affiliated with different insurance providers.  This means that they have access to different insurance quotes from the different insurers they are affiliated with.  This will be an advantage for you because you no longer need to shop around as your insurance broker will be a one stop shop where you can get the quotes you need from different insurers.   Once you have the different quotes, you can decide on which insurer you want to have your professional liability insurance with.